Prolonging Your Life By Staying Away From The Western Diet

Western DietAccording to the data retrieved from a recent study about British adults, following a so called “Western diet,’ which is composed of red and processed meat, sweet foods, dairy products with high fat contents and refined grains are capable of reducing the likelihood of one person to last long and ages with good health. The findings of the mentioned study is already published in the American Journal of Medicine on its May issue.

According to Tasnime Akbaraly, lead investigator of the said study, one has to be extremely careful when it comes to adopting the Western diet. “While the effect of a particular diet to various age related illnesses has been carefully studied, there are only few investigations that have adopted the holistic approach in order to know the real association of the diet to one’s health,” says Tasnime Akbaraly, PhD, Inserm, Montpellier, France.

“Our studies have examined whether a particular diet that is using some diet patterns is somehow associated with the aging phenotypes” explained by Tasmine in bunch of reporters outside his office. “We also give attention to the issue concerning about the devotion to the Alternative Healthy Eating Index or also called AHEI,” added by Tasmine.

The AHEI is an authorized index of the quality of a diet, which is originally made to offer the guidelines for a diet with a clear intention of combating various chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Various investigators have studied the findings from a certain cohort study that suggests that by adhering to the AHEI would result in the doubling of the dangers of the so-called changing metabolic syndrome. This is a condition that is known to be a predictor of various heart illnesses and one’s mortality. The members of the mentioned research team have also included other dietary aspects that have links in premature death as well as to those that can support ideal aging of the human body.

Between the years of 1985-2009, the research team has already followed 1,575 women and 3,755 men with a mean of those ages 51. They have used various combinations of the screening results that are conducted for every five years, hospital data, registry data, and Western Diet1the known mortality as well as the chronic diseases from its patients.

According to the result of the research team’s study, those people who have adherence to the so called Western diet are lowering their chances to ideal aging. The study has also determined that the individuals with a low adherence to the AHEI are increasing the risks of getting inflicted by the non cardiovascular death and heart attacks.

In order to prolong your life, you are advice to avoid eating the foods contained in the Western diet and understand the complications you might get if you fail to follow the suggestion of the mentioned study.